Engage with us

There are several ways to get in touch with the Hudi community.

When? Channel to use
For development discussions Dev Mailing list (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Archives). Empty email works for subscribe/unsubscribe. Please use gists to share code/stacktraces on the email.
For any general questions, user support Users Mailing list (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Archives). Empty email works for subscribe/unsubscribe. Please use gists to share code/stacktraces on the email.
For reporting bugs or issues or discover known issues Please use ASF Hudi JIRA. See #here for access
For quick pings & 1-1 chats Join our slack group. In case this does not work, please leave a comment on this github issue
For proposing large features, changes Start a RFC. Instructions here.
Join weekly sync-up meeting Follow instructions here.
See #here for wiki access  
For stream of commits, pull requests etc Commits Mailing list (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Archives)

If you wish to report a security vulnerability, please contact Apache Hudi follows the typical Apache vulnerability handling process.


Apache Hudi community welcomes contributions from anyone!

Here are few ways, you can get involved.

  • Ask (and/or) answer questions on our support channels listed above.
  • Review code or RFCs
  • Help improve documentation
  • Author blogs on our wiki
  • Testing; Improving out-of-box experience by reporting bugs
  • Share new ideas/directions to pursue or propose a new RFC
  • Contributing code to the project (newbie JIRAs)

Become a Committer

We are always looking for strong contributors, who can become committers on the project. Committers are chosen by a majority vote of the Apache Hudi PMC, after a discussion on their candidacy based on the following criteria (not exclusive/comprehensive).

  • Embodies the ASF model code of conduct
  • Has made significant technical contributions such as submitting PRs, filing bugs, testing, benchmarking, authoring RFCs, providing feedback/code reviews (+ more).
  • Has helped the community over a few months, by answering questions on support channels above and triaging issues/jiras.
  • Demonstrates clear code/design ownership of a component or code area (eg: Delta Streamer, Hive/Presto Integration etc).
  • Brought thought leadership and new ideas into the project and evangelized them with the community via conference talks, blog posts.
  • Great citizenship in helping with all peripheral (but very critical) work like site maintenance, wiki/jira cleanups and so on.
  • Proven commitment to the project by way of upholding all agreed upon processes, conventions and principles of the community.

The Team

Image Name Role Apache ID
alunarbeach Anbu Cheeralan PMC, Committer anchee
bhasudha Bhavani Sudha PMC, Committer bhavanisudha
bvaradar Balaji Varadarajan PMC, Committer vbalaji
garyli1019 Gary Li Committer garyli
lresende Luciano Resende PMC, Committer lresende
lamber-ken lamber-ken Committer lamberken
n3nash Nishith Agarwal PMC, Committer nagarwal
prasannarajaperumal Prasanna Rajaperumal PMC, Committer prasanna
pratyakshsharma Pratyaksh Sharma Committer pratyakshsharma
xushiyan Raymond Xu Committer xushiyan
leesf Shaofeng Li PMC, Committer leesf
nsivabalan Sivabalan Narayanan Committer sivabalan
smarthi Suneel Marthi PMC, Committer smarthi
tweise Thomas Weise PMC, Committer thw
umehrot2 Udit Mehrotra Committer uditme
vinothchandar Vinoth Chandar PMC, Committer vinoth
yanghua vinoyang PMC, Committer vinoyang

Code Contributions

Useful resources for contributing can be found under the “Quick Links” left menu. Specifically, please refer to the detailed contribution guide.


It’s useful to obtain few accounts to be able to effectively contribute to Hudi.

  • Github account is needed to send pull requests to Hudi
  • Sign-up/in to the Apache JIRA. Then please email the dev mailing list with your username, asking to be added as a contributor to the project. This enables you to assign/be-assigned tickets and comment on them.
  • Sign-up/in to the Apache cWiki, to be able to contribute to the wiki pages/RFCs.
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