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Version: 0.15.0

Apache XTable (incubating)

Hudi (tables created from 0.14.0 onwards) supports syncing to Iceberg and/or Delta Lake with Apache XTable (incubating), providing users with the option to interoperate with other table formats like Delta Lake and Apache Iceberg.

Interoperating with XTable

If you have tables in one of the supported formats (Delta/Iceberg), you can use XTable to translate the existing metadata to read as a Hudi table and vice versa.


You can work with XTable by either building the jar from the source or by downloading from GitHub packages.


If you're using one of the JVM languages to work with Hudi/Delta/Iceberg, you can directly use XTable as a dependency in your project. This is highlighted in this demo.

Syncing to XTable

Once you have the jar, you can simply run it against a Hudi/Delta/Iceberg table to add target table format metadata to the table. Below is an example configuration to translate a Hudi table to Delta & Iceberg table.

sourceFormat: HUDI
tableBasePath: path/to/hudi/table
tableName: tableName
partitionSpec: partition_field_name:VALUE
java -jar path/to/bundled-xtable.jar --datasetConfig path/to/my_config.yaml

Hudi Streamer Extensions

If you want to use XTable with Hudi Streamer to sync each commit into other table formats, you have to

  1. Add the extensions jar hudi-extensions-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-bundled.jar to your class path.

  2. Add org.apache.xtable.hudi.sync.OneTableSyncTool to your list of sync classes

  3. Set the following configurations based on your preferences:


For more examples, you can refer to the XTable docs.