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Apache Hudi

Hudi brings
to data lakes!
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What is Hudi

Apache Hudi is a transactional data lake platform that brings database and data warehouse capabilities to the data lake. Hudi reimagines slow old-school batch data processing with a powerful new incremental processing framework for low latency minute-level analytics.
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Hudi Features

Why Hudi

Take advantage of Hudi’s platform with rich services and tools to make your data lake actionable for applications like personalization, machine learning, customer 360 and more!

Trusted Platform

Battle tested and proven in production in some of the largest data lakes on the planet.

Open Source

Hudi is a thriving & growing community that is built with contributions from people around the globe.

Derived tables

Seamlessly create and manage SQL tables on your data lake to build multi-stage incremental pipelines.

Data streams

Take advantage of built-in CDC sources and tools for streaming ingestion.

Join our Community

Get technical help, influence the product roadmap & see what’s new with Hudi!


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