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Version: 0.14.1

AWS Glue Data Catalog

Hudi tables can sync to AWS Glue Data Catalog directly via AWS SDK. Piggyback on HiveSyncTool , makes use of all the configurations that are taken by HiveSyncTool and send them to AWS Glue.


There is no additional configuration for using AwsGlueCatalogSyncTool; you just need to set it as one of the sync tool classes for HoodieStreamer and everything configured as shown in Sync to Hive Metastore will be passed along.


Running AWS Glue Catalog Sync for Spark DataSource

To write a Hudi table to Amazon S3 and catalog it in AWS Glue Data Catalog, you can use the options mentioned in the AWS documentation

Running AWS Glue Catalog Sync from EMR

If you're running HiveSyncTool on an EMR cluster backed by Glue Data Catalog as external metastore, you can simply run the sync from command line like below:

cd /usr/lib/hudi/bin

./ --base-path s3://<bucket_name>/<prefix>/<table_name> --database <database_name> --table <table_name> --partitioned-by <column_name>