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Hudi community strives to deliver major releases every 3-4 months, while offering minor releases every other month! This page captures the forward-looking roadmap of ongoing & upcoming projects and when they are expected to land, broken down by areas on our stack.

Future Releases

Next major release : 0.13.0 (Jan 2023)

0.12.2Dec 2022
0.13.0Jan 2023

Transactional Database Layer

FeatureTarget ReleaseTracking
Metaserver for all metadata0.13.0Strawman design, RFC-36, HUDI-3345
Supervised table service planning and execution0.13.0RFC-43, HUDI-4147
Support of Change Data Capture (CDC) with Hudi change logs0.13.0RFC-51, HUDI-3478
Record-level index to speed up UUID-based upserts and deletes0.13.0RFC-08, HUDI-53
Consistent hashing index for dynamic buckets0.13.0RFC-42, HUDI-3000
Secondary index to improve query performance0.13.0RFC-52, HUDI-3907
Reducing write amplification with Log Compaction in MOR0.13.0RFC-48, HUDI-3580
Eager conflict detection for Optimistic Concurrency Control0.13.0RFC-56, HUDI-1575
Index Function for Optimizing Query Performance0.13.0RFC-63, HUDI-512
Lock-Free message queue to improve writing efficiency0.13.0RFC-53, HUDI-3963
Efficient bootstrap and migration of existing non-Hudi dataset1.0.0 onwardHUDI-1265
Lock free concurrency control1.0.0 onwardHUDI-3187
Non-blocking/Lock-free updates during clustering1.0.0 onwardHUDI-1042
Time Travel updates, deletes1.0.0 onward
General purpose support for multi-table transactions1.0.0 onward

Programming APIs

FeatureTarget ReleaseTracking
Redesign and optimization of record payload abstraction0.13.0RFC-46, HUDI-3217
Optimized storage layout for cloud object stores0.13.0RFC-60, HUDI-3625
Support of verification with multiple event_time fields1.0.0 onwardRFC-59, HUDI-4569

Execution Engine Integration

FeatureTarget ReleaseTracking
Integrate column stats index with all query engines0.13.0RFC-58, HUDI-4552
Upgrade to Spark 3 as the default profile0.13.0HUDI-3431
Spark datasource V2 read1.0.0 onwardHUDI-4449
Materialized Views with incremental updates using Flink1.0.0 onward
SQL DML support for Presto/Trino connectors (could be accelerated based on community feedback)1.0.0 onward
Explore other execution engines/runtimes (Ray, native Rust, Python)1.0.0 onward

Platform Services

FeatureTarget ReleaseTracking
Protobuf source for DeltaStreamer0.13.0RFC-57, HUDI-4399
Improving Hudi CLI features and usability0.13.0HUDI-1388
Hudi integration with Snowflake1.0.0 onwardRFC-41, HUDI-2832
Support for reliable, event based ingestion from cloud stores - GCS, Azure and the others1.0.0 onwardHUDI-1896
Mutable, Transactional caching for Hudi Tables (could be accelerated based on community feedback)1.0.0 onwardStrawman design