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Talks & Presentations

  1. "Hoodie: Incremental processing on Hadoop at Uber" - By Vinoth Chandar & Prasanna Rajaperumal Mar 2017, Strata + Hadoop World, San Jose, CA

  2. "Hoodie: An Open Source Incremental Processing Framework From Uber" - By Vinoth Chandar. Apr 2017, DataEngConf, San Francisco, CA Slides Video

  3. "Incremental Processing on Large Analytical Datasets" - By Prasanna Rajaperumal June 2017, Spark Summit 2017, San Francisco, CA. Slides Video

  4. "Hudi: Unifying storage and serving for batch and near-real-time analytics" - By Nishith Agarwal & Balaji Vardarajan September 2018, Strata Data Conference, New York, NY

  5. "Hudi: Large-Scale, Near Real-Time Pipelines at Uber" - By Vinoth Chandar & Nishith Agarwal October 2018, Spark+AI Summit Europe, London, UK

  6. "Powering Uber's global network analytics pipelines in real-time with Apache Hudi" - By Ethan Guo & Nishith Agarwal, April 2019, Data Council SF19, San Francisco, CA.

  7. "Building highly efficient data lakes using Apache Hudi (Incubating)" - By Vinoth Chandar June 2019, SF Big Analytics Meetup, San Mateo, CA

  8. "Apache Hudi (Incubating) - The Past, Present and Future Of Efficient Data Lake Architectures" - By Vinoth Chandar & Balaji Varadarajan September 2019, ApacheCon NA 19, Las Vegas, NV, USA

  9. "Insert, upsert, and delete data in Amazon S3 using Amazon EMR" - By Paul Codding & Vinoth Chandar December 2019, AWS re:Invent 2019, Las Vegas, NV, USA

  10. "Building Robust CDC Pipeline With Apache Hudi And Debezium" - By Pratyaksh, Purushotham, Syed and Shaik December 2019, Hadoop Summit Bangalore, India

  11. "Using Apache Hudi to build the next-generation data lake and its application in medical big data" - By JingHuang & Leesf March 2020, Apache Hudi & Apache Kylin Online Meetup, China

  12. "Building a near real-time, high-performance data warehouse based on Apache Hudi and Apache Kylin" - By ShaoFeng Shi March 2020, Apache Hudi & Apache Kylin Online Meetup, China

  13. "Building large scale, transactional data lakes using Apache Hudi" - By Nishith Agarwal, June 2020, Berlin Buzzwords 2020.

  14. "Apache Hudi - Design/Code Walkthrough Session for Contributors" - By Vinoth Chandar, July 2020, Hudi community.

  15. "PrestoDB and Apache Hudi" - By Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran and Brandon Scheller, Aug 2020, PrestoDB Community Meetup.

  16. "DC_THURS : Apache Hudi w/ Nishith Agarwal & Vinoth Chandar", Aug 2020, Online discussion/Q&A with DataCouncil Founder

  17. "Panel Discussion on Presto Ecosystem" - By Vinoth Chandar, Sep 2020, PrestoCon "panel".

  18. "Next Generation Data lakes using Apache Hudi" - By Balaji Varadarajan and Sivabalan Narayanan, Sep 2020, "ApacheCon"

  19. "Apache Hudi on Amazon EMR" - By the AWS team. September 2020

  20. "Building Large-Scale, Transactional Data Lakes using Apache Hudi" - By Nishith Agarwal, Data Summit 2020

  21. "Landing practice of Apache Hudi in T3go" - By VinoYang and XianghuWang, November 2020, Qcon.

  22. "Meetup talk by Nishith Agarwal" - Uber Data Platforms Meetup, Dec 2020

  23. "Apache Hudi learning series: Understanding Hudi internals" - By Abhishek Modi, Balajee Nagasubramaniam, Prashant Wason, Satish Kotha, Nishith Agarwal, Feb 2021, Uber Meetup

  24. "Apache Hudi Meetup at Uber with talks from AWS, CityStorageSystems & Uber" - By Udit Mehrotra, Wenning Ding (AWS), Alexander Filipchik (CityStorageSystems), Prashant Wason, Satish Kotha (Uber), Feb 2021

  25. "Speeding up Presto Queries Using Apache Hudi Clustering" - By Satish Kotha and Nishith Agarwal. Presto Con, March 2021

  26. "Apache Hudi: The Streaming Data Lake Platform" - By Nishith Agarwal, Sivabalan Narayanan, Data Summit Connect, May, 2021

  27. "Apache Hudi: Large Scale Data Systems with Vinoth Chandar" - By Vinoth Chandar. SE Daily Podcast. May, 2021

  28. "Change Data Capture to Data lakes using Apache Pulsar/Hudi" - By Vinoth Chandar, Pulsar Summit North America, June 2021. "Video link"

  29. "Meet the creator of Apache hudi: Vinoth Chandar" - By Vinoth Chandar. Presto Con Day, 2021

  30. "Presto Eco system Panel Discussion" - By Vinoth Chandar, Dipti Borkar, Nezih Yigitbasi, Maxime Beauchemin, Kishore. Presto Con, 2021

  31. "Building a Large-scale Transactional Data Lake Using Apache Hudi" - By Satish Kotha, AICamp

  32. "Apache Hudi table format, Purpose-built for low latency data lake use-cases" - By Nishith Agarwal and Sivabalan Narayanan. July, 2021

  33. "Community round table: Open data lakes with Presto, Hudi and Aws - the next generation of analytics" - By Vinoth chandar, Roy Hasson, Dipti Borkar, Coordinated by Eric Kavanagh. July, 2021

  34. "DataEngineering Podcast: Charting A Path For Streaming Data To Fill Your Data Lake With Hudi" - By Vinoth Chandar. Data Engineering Podcast, Aug, 2021

  35. "Streaming Data Lakes using Kafka Connect + Apache Hudi" - Balaji Varadarajan and Vinoth Chandar. Kafka Summit, Sep 27, 2021.

  36. "Code/Design walk through" - By Vinoth Chandar. Oct 8, 2021

  37. "Apache Hudi - The Data lake platform" - By Vinoth Chandar. ApacheCon, Oct 11, 2021

  38. "Building Open Data Lakes on AWS with Debezium and Apache Hudi" - By Gary A. Stafford. Oct 31, 2021

  39. "Apache Hudi Meetup at Uber with talks from Disney, Walmart & Uber" - By Vinay Patil (Disney+Hotstar), Samuel Guleff (Walmart), Surya Prasanna Yalla, Meenal Binwade (Uber), Jan 2022

  40. "Apache Hudi Meetup at Uber with talks from Philips, Moveworks & Uber (including Hudi OSS roadmap 2022)" - By Felix Kizhakkel Jose (Philips), Bhavani Sudha (Moveworks), Prashant Wason (Uber), March 2022

  41. "Apache Hudi with Vinoth Chandar" By Software Engineering Daily. Mar 5, 2022

  42. "Presto Tech Talk: Optimizing table layout for Presto using Apache Hudi" - By Ethan Guo and Vinoth Chandar. Presto Meetup. Jun 23, 2022

  43. "PrestoDB and Apache Hudi for the Lakehouse" - By Sagar Sumit and Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran. PrestoCon Day. Jul 21, 2022

  44. "Petabyte-scale lakehouses with dbt and Apache Hudi" - By Vinoth Govindarajan and Vinoth Chandar. Coalesce, Oct 17, 2022

  45. "Build on Open Source Episode 7 - aws on Twitch" - By Vinoth Chandar. Nov 18th, 2022

  46. "Prestocon- Exploring New Frontiers: How Apache Flink, Apache Hudi and Presto Power New Insights at Scale" - By Danny Chan and Sagar Sumit. PrestoCon, June 2023

  47. "Lakehouses for Data Engineers: What You Need to Consider to Build Efficient ETL Pipelines" - By Nadine Farah. Data AI Summit, June 2023

  48. "Building Lakehouse using Hudi | Apache Hudi | Data Lakehouse | Hudi | Apache" - By the DataCouch Team. July 2023

  49. "Trino fest: Skip rocks and files: Turbocharge Trino queries with Hudi’s multi-modal indexing subsystem" - By Nadine Farah and Sagar Sumit. Trino Fest, July 2023

  50. "A Glide, Skip or a Jump: Efficiently Stream Data into Your Medallion Architecture with Apache Hudi" - By Nadine Farah and Ethan Guo. Current, September 2023

  51. "Incremental Data Processing with Apache Hudi - By Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran and Saketh Chintapalli. Qcon, October 2023

  52. "Keynote: The Future is Unified: The Convergence of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses into an Interoperable Data Lakehouse" - By Vinoth Chandar. DEWCON, October 2023

  53. "Panel: Is the Modern Data Stack Dead?" - By Vinoth Chandar, Joe Reis, Divyansh Saini, Shuveb Hussain. DEWCON, October 2023

  54. "Apache Hudi 1.0 preview: A database experience on the data lake" - By Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran and Sagar Sumit. OSDS, November 2023

  55. "Consistently Hashing it Out: Embracing Fresher, Faster Data with the Hudi-Flink Support for the Bucket Index" - By Nadine Farah. Flink Forward, November 2023

  56. "Session: Maximizing efficiency by templating Glue jobs and serverless architecture in Hudi data lakes" - By Soumil Shah. OSDS, November 2023

  57. "Data Alchemy: Transforming Raw Data to Gold with Apache Hudi and DBT" - By Nadine Farah. OSA CON, December 2023

  58. "Panel Discussion on Growing a Healthy Open Source Community" - By Nadine Farah, Ali LeClerc, Evan Rusackas. OSA CON, December 2023

  59. "Unveil the Magic Without Hoodini: Transform Your Machine Learning Pipelines with Apache Hudi" - By Nadine Farah., December 2023

  60. "Enhancing Trino's Query Performance and Data Management with Hudi: Innovations and Future" - By Ethan Guo. Trino Fest, June 2024. Video. Slides