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Monitor Hudi metrics with Datadog

· 2 min read


0.6.0 (unreleased)


Datadog is a popular monitoring service. In the upcoming 0.6.0 release of Apache Hudi, we will introduce the feature of reporting Hudi metrics via Datadog HTTP API, in addition to the current reporter types: Graphite and JMX.

Apache Hudi Support on Apache Zeppelin

· 3 min read

1. Introduction#

Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that provides interactive data analysis. It is convenient for you to make beautiful documents that can be data-driven, interactive, and collaborative, and supports multiple languages, including Scala (using Apache Spark), Python (Apache Spark), SparkSQL, Hive, Markdown, Shell, and so on. Hive and SparkSQL currently support querying Hudi’s read-optimized view and real-time view. So in theory, Zeppelin’s notebook should also have such query capabilities.

Change Capture Using AWS Database Migration Service and Hudi

· 8 min read

One of the core use-cases for Apache Hudi is enabling seamless, efficient database ingestion to your data lake. Even though a lot has been talked about and even users already adopting this model, content on how to go about this is sparse.

In this blog, we will build an end-end solution for capturing changes from a MySQL instance running on AWS RDS to a Hudi table on S3, using capabilities in the Hudi 0.5.1 release

Delete support in Hudi

· 4 min read

Deletes are supported at a record level in Hudi with 0.5.1 release. This blog is a "how to" blog on how to delete records in hudi. Deletes can be done with 3 flavors: Hudi RDD APIs, with Spark data source and with DeltaStreamer.

Registering sample dataset to Hive via beeline

· 2 min read

Hudi hive sync tool typically handles registration of the dataset into Hive metastore. In case, there are issues with quickstart around this, following page shows commands that can be used to do this manually via beeline.